Liv goes Rock ’n Roll
with her favorite eco make-up



 Foundation: Zuii Floral Liquid Foundation | Natural Fair
Concealer: Living Nature | Medium
Spot-on: Dr.Hauschka Cover Stick | 03
Powder: Dr.Hauschka Balancing Teint Powder
Blush/ Bronzer: Dr.Hauschka Lipstick | 03 (as Bronzer)
Bronzer: Dr.Hauschka Summer Impressions Powder Duo | 01 cool breeze
Blush on cheeks: Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi Use | Spark 202
Highlighter: RMS BEAUTY LivingLuminizer


Base: Nvey Eco Eyeshadow| 152
Crease: Alverde Lidschatten | Shimmery Taupe (Big thanks to Sun for sending it to me 🙂 )
Middle: Zuii Floral Eyeshadow | Rose Mist
Eyeliner: Lakshmi Kajal | Taupe
Brows: Alterra Augenbrauenset


Lipliner: Dr.Hauschka Lipliner | 02
Lipgloss: Aubreys Natural Lips | Ruby Frost 380


My first Rock ’n Roll Party was a blast! It is soo much easier to dance than Lindy-Hop, yet so much faster! And the people are soo lovely!!!
I still have to practice on the eye-liner.
Although the RMS Highlighter looks awesome, but a bit less won’t hurt.
I ‘ve used all my ‘all-time favorite’s‘ in for this look.
Eight products just for the complexion is probably my new record…

…and yet it didn’t look caky. This can only be received with all natural products!

Cherries are hot!
 Love, Liv


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