Wish List

WARNING: only read this if you have to much money to spend, a credit card and are willing to do some online shopping:

The only rational thought about my wish list is that these are natural cosmetic products.
For the rest this list is totally random, very irrational and most of all way too long, and (believe it or not) incomplete… But who said being a beautyblogger means having to be a rational role model? … and hey, dreaming is allowed 😉

(The stroked through products have already found asylum at my place.)
  • Alva Rouge (no talcum) (seen @ mybeautyblog)
  • Andrea Biedermann Mineral Foundation (seen @ Anni’s Schatzkiste)
  • Couleur Caramel Mascara… but not until it’s still with Sodium Hydroxide
  • Dr.Hauschka eyeshadow 03 & 04
  • Lakshmi Cod Kajal (seen @ Beautyjagd)
  • Logona Eyeshadow 01 Taupe (seen @ Anni’s Schatzkiste)
  • Logona Eyeshadow trio Rosewood 03 (€ 15)
  • Logona  Lip Duo Cherry 07 (€ 12,50)
  • UNE cream rouge
  • RMS Living Luminizer (€38)
  • RMS Un-Cover up 22 (€36)
  • RMS Lip & Cheek in Modest (€36) 
  • RMS Eyeshadow Magnetic (€28)

  • Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush and Blush Brush
  • Everyday Mineral Flat Top Brush (Tipped by Beautyjagd) (EDIT: Beautyjagd has warned me, that they might have changed the production of this product – so no need anymore)
  • Rival de Loop Kabuki Brush

  • Dr.Hauschka Rose Cream
  • Living Nature Rescue Gel (ca. €19,00) (seen@ mybeautyblog)
  • The best and purest Argan Oil there is (suggestions???)
  • Primavera Intensive Augencreme Rose Granatapfel (39,00)

  • Alva Deo for men (seen @ mybeautyblog)
  • Martina Gebhardt hand cream (seen @ beautyjagd)
  • Primavera Bodylotion Rose Sanddorn (€20)
  • Primavera Bodylotion Lavendel Vanille (€ 18)
  • Primavera hand cream 

  • Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave In Conditioner (travelsize till now)
  • Lavera Rosenmilch Repair Haarkur (seen@ Anni’s Schatzkiste)
  • Sweet Sunnah Blackseed & Henna Shampoo (seen @ Meisjehip)
  • Sweet Sunnah Blackseed Hairconditioner (seen @ Meisjehip)
  • Yalia Haarspülung Granatapfel-Orchidee (seen @ Pastellfee) 

  • Evan Healy Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk
  • Evan Healy Lavender Facial Tonic
  • John Masters Natural Mineral Sunscreen
  • John Masters Organic Hydrating Mist

This list will be turned into a tab and will be updated regularly.
Suggestions for other products and especially bad reviews so that I can stripe some products of this list, are more than welcome 🙂
Liefs, Liv


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