Look: from feeling not-so-fine to shine

A great look for those days when you are a bit dreamy, lazy, pale and yes, also tired. Tons of make-up will just look ‘forced’ and unnatural. Instead I opted for simple products, light textures and integrated my pale complexion into the make-up look. This way I feel awakened and yet myself

The Dr.Hauschka Translucent Make-up in 00 is a bit lighter than my usual 01. But instead of making you look pale, it gives some extra glow to your skin! For this reason Dr.Hauschka’s make-up Artist Karim Satter always uses the 00 as a foundation base. (Big thanks to Anouk for this great gift!).

The RMS Un-cover Up 22 as an under-eye concealer and the new Dr.Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner (ppssst it’s still a big secret in The Netherlands) give spark to tired eyes.

For extra depth around the eyes I chose the Nvey Eco Organic Mono Eyeshadow in 172. I love the subtle glow of this light taupe color. On days like these, matte eyeshadow colors (like the ones in the Dr.Hauschka Stones Palet) just wouldn’t give enough glow.

I don’t like to wear mascara when I am tired, but an eyelash curler and the Benecos Natural Kajal in white open your eyes as well.
This is not the best picsutre but here you can see the glow on the eyelids as well as the peachy-pink on the cheeks…
Last but not least, and crucial for a fresh and energetic complexion, is the sheer pinky-peach on cheeks and lips – like the one of my Vapur Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush – Classic in Spark 202.

In hindsight I prefer a subtitle tinted moisturizer on the lips (like my Burt’s Bees lip Shimmer) as the Vapour Aura Stick feels too dry on the lips and doesn’t ad a healthy shine to them.

I forgot the RMS Un-cover up on the picture…

Taadaaaa! With this simple yet very luxury make-up look I turned a tired, dull and pale face into an energetic, glowing face with sparkling and awakened eyes.
What are you secret weapons for days like these?

Love, Liv


  • amazing! simple but so wonderful!

  • Laura S. sagt:

    Oh Liv, I am so, so curious about the new Dr. Hauschka surprises coming! Are you going to do a review soon on the Kajal?

    When I’m tired I also don’t like using mascara, I use a curler just like you do and the blush is always a very important part of a healthier look, according to me. A good complexion is crucial, so a tinted moisturizer is a must (better than foundation in this case). All in all my version is very very close to yours! 🙂

  • S sagt:

    ein tolles make-up 🙂
    wie schön „einfache“ sachen sein können 🙂

  • Claudia sagt:

    Lovely natural look. And i’m very curious about the blush (another one then you used for this look i suppose) 😉 #blogsale

    • liv sagt:

      hehe :0 die van jouw is iets lichter, decenter en warmer van kleur ook is die van mij matt en die van jou heeft meer GLOW 🙂 Als het goed is heb je hem nu al of morgen. Liefs, liv

  • Emma sagt:

    Moooi! Echt een fijne look om te maken als het gezicht wat vermoeider eruit ziet…. Dan draag ik ook altijd liever wat minder make-up, die er mooi neutraal uitziet en een glow maakt. Of voor op vakantie ;).

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